Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When are the chances to high?

If you knew there was a 50/50 chance that the next child you had would be autistic would you still try to have a baby? For me I know the answer would be no regardless of the chances. I had so many issues giving birth and I have to focus on them right now (plus I am not dating anyone). I do plan to adopt a child with special needs if I am ever financial able too. So in a way is that answering my question? Why give yourself more of a load when you are already bogged down. Why spend more hours in the Dr offices repeating the same tests? Why give yourself a groundhog day? I am honestly answering this question without any snarky reasons. I see many families with many differently abled kids and I wonder why? I understand having one then another before you really knew what the dx was for the first and the chances. But I have seen families of 5 all on the spectrum. Who am I to judge? It is just a question I have asked myself but can easily answer.

I do love my girls and I wouldn't drastically change them for the world. Granted many things I would change and why I do alternative therapies. I don't see the therapies and changing them for who they are, I just think it allows them to be more of who they are meant to be with a clear mind. Also would love Chloe to have some manners but she is blunt and I feel that is part of her autistic traits.

So where am I going with this I am not sure it was just something I am thinking and wondering other peoples views.

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  1. Brings up a theoretical question....
    Do you or do you not encourage your children to have children? In reality, we have no say over weather or not our children have children, but in theory??? Should we try to steer them in another direction?