Thursday, June 16, 2011

Money is evil

I love Amazon, seriously I could spend $1000's of dollars on that site my wish list is pages long my saved to cart is just as bad. ( ) Yet I get lost on the site and wish for things that I can never have.
I feel the same way about Target. I went today and spent $140. Seriously? What did I get....some outfits for Mia because she is eating her shirts.
It is a horrible habit but we stopped her from wearing her jacket everyday (short sleeved hoodies during the summer) but it was just to hot last week. So I am assuming she is just stressed out due to the change of no jacket. But...I had to get new clothes. Also birthday presents for kids (going to a few parties) and well I spent $140 on not that much. It amazes me the price of things.

Before I had kids (BK?) I use to spend so much money on nothing. Now things I need I can't get because I don't have any money. I am paying back my debt from overshopping but mainly my debt comes for food shopping for the girls and medical bills. My insurance company would pay for behavioral therapy for Chloe so I paid out of pocket for 4 months at $250 a week. I hope that someday other parents don't have to deal with paying out of pocket for medical if they have insurance.

So how do single moms make extra money if they already work? I don't have any skills I could do etsy. I just have to sell what I own and hope things get better.

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  1. I just happened to come across your blog searching by state. I am a college student taking special education. I just wanted to tell you that your a strong, wonderful Mom. Never Give Up!