Monday, June 13, 2011

Feeding woes

I follow the Spunky Coconut's blog and she was working with a whole chicken in her crock pot. So I thought I would give it try. I was raised a vegetarian. So the thought of a raw chicken with all its parts has always grossed me out. I am trying to find ways that I can feed my family on a limited budget and homemade not processed foods. I found my $9 organic chicken and left her in the fridge knowing that we would do battle shortly.
Chicken in the crockpot before I cooked it.

So Sunday I had some time before we were going to go to a MerriOtters movie day ( a local group at the Marriot where autistic kids and their families can swim, we also have dinners and use the conference room to watch new dvd releases on the "big screen"). I got what I needed out and I opened up my chicken and reached inside in hopes to find a bag of mystery parts. Instead they were just in there. So I scooped them out and saved them for our dog. I massaged the bird with some coconut oil and shoved some onions and oranges into it. I left it in the crock pot for the desired 7 hrs. Came home from the movie and pulled it apart left to pick up my script (which didn't happen). When I got back home I served it for dinner and no one ate it. Seriously? I just spent 7 hrs on a chicken that I paid $9 for and no one ate it? Mia refuses to eat anything but the GF organic grass-fed hot dogs, turkey bologna or ham (only meats also she will eat some pastas, grilled cheese and Amy's GFCFSF mac and cheese). I get so frustrated when I cook a meal and she eats nothing. She doesn't understand that hunger is why she feels like crap, so just leaving her with that food and not making anything else means I will have a cranky child.

I guess I should be lucky that she eats veggies and fruits right? But when I read the glorious meals that other Mom's make for their autistic children and they stat how they gobbled it up....I feel like I am a failure. How do I MAKE her eat it? I have tried meat muffins to introduce her to chicken but she only eats them fresh out of the oven. My muffins tend to get a bit...sticky? moist? not sure but they don't save well. She prefers udi's blueberry or sweet sins pumpkin over anything I make. Even my rhubarb and strawberry didn't win her over the zucchini blueberry tempted her for a muffin or two but no longer something she will touch. I remember when I started she would eat the mini meatloaves I made along with chicken/apple meatballs, spaghetti WITH sauce, burgers, fish and etc. Now it is like I have taken a huge leap back away from my homemade food and into the land of processed. Since we no longer have a DAN! Dr I feel lost. Like I am just playing a guessing game with her health and nutrition. I am looking into other supplements ( is the main one I am looking at). I sometimes feel like I am torturing her with her diet. So any help with this would be lovely.

My lasgna (spunky coconut's recipe) that no one touched

Blueberry pie...Maggie ate most of this due to counter fail.

So I am hoping round 2 tonight will work well. I also plan to make tacos but I am out of daiya cheese and no tomatos so it will have to wait till Tuesday. So tonight might just be with some bbq sauce. Is it horrible to just give up and give her what she wants ie: hot dogs.

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