Monday, June 13, 2011

Just a preview

Just an intro for now.

I decided to create a blog that documents my life as a mom. Like most peoples lives, mine is complicated. I am a single mother of 5 year old twins. They are both diagnosed as ASD. They are at very different areas of the spectrum. Some assume that Chloe, my oldest by a half hour, isn't autistic. Don't you love how people can assume things? In reality even though Mia is non verbal, Chloe is harder to manage. She is a demanding little girl and always has been. As a newborn she HAD to get fed first, diaper changed, played with or she would scream and pull her hair out. Mia was always my little gentle angel. Even now when Chloe is getting ready for bed I will lay with Mia and the stress from my day will melt away until Chloe yells for me "MOMMMMMMMMMM". I love my girls they balance me out.

Chloe is a thumb sucking tomboy that loves pink and wants every toy that she sees on the tv. Her issues are mainly behaviour and ocd. She is also recovering (oddly enough) from an OCD bone fracture in her foot/ankle and knee surgery to remove a synovial cyst. The poor dear was in a walking boot for around 2.5 months. Boy did that thing stink. She will be entering 1st grade in the fall and begs me everyday to be able to ride the bus.

Mia is my freckled face best giggle in the world fastest runner little angel. She is non verbal, GFDFSF, unable to be on at supplements (due to income), low tone (in AFO's), likes to bite herself and pull her hair, bang her head, eat her shirts, mouths everything in site, not potty trained and unable to focus. She goes to specialized school for autism (I am blessed) and makes progress (then regresses) everyday. I try my hardest to make things ok for her. I am looking into HDOT and other therapies in hopes to balance her out just a little.

We also have Maggie Mae and new member of our family. She is a lab/pit mix that we rescued from Ohio. She is adjusting to the noise and the excitement in our house. She is also into chewing things like Mia, so they get along great.

I am the Mom, I am 35 years old and I work for my family. I work a lot to support us, gluten free is pricey. Their father is in and out of the picture but never financially and never emotionally. I try my best to be the rock. I did break down and cry yesterday because the pharmacy closed 5 mins I couldn't get my script. But it was a long day and I just had it. I try to be strong and that is really all I can do.

I follow many blogs of other families with autism in their lives (mostly the cooking ones...because honestly I can't cook that great). Hopefully this will help me get out all this that I carry in my head.


  1. Remember when I said on sg that you were my hero for the running the really just became even more. I had no idea about your girls, I mean I knew but not to all of this. You are truly such a strong awesome woman and your girls are so lucky to be able to call you mom.
    -stephanie aka steffee

  2. Thanks, I am lucky they are my girls (they changed me). I have met so many moms that I admire. Everyone has their struggles in their family unit it just depends on how they deal with it. But thanks <3 (and it was a for the 1/2)