Tuesday, June 14, 2011


On July 24th the girls are turning 6. I can't believe how big they are (43" and I am only 62" they will be taller then me soon). So with this of course the thought of real big girl beds. I have them sharing a room which isn't working so great anymore. Chloe is a night owl and Mia is a morning bird. They are still in their cribs (Chloe has been converted into a toddler bed). So I have a spare room which is slowly developing into a child's room.  

So it is time to also consider a bed for Mia. Mia is still in her crib with a crib tent. It keeps her safe at night and she likes it. I am looking into the nickel bed and then purchase an ikea bed. ( http://www.myreadysetbloom.com/) It is on her birthday wishlist along with a trampoline. 

With getting older I also have to deal with Chloe being invited to go over to peoples houses..........WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!! I have been avoiding but apparently it is the norm with 6 year olds. She is in Boys and girls club camp this summer but not going on Wednesdays and not going 2 weeks at the end of August.

Chloe has been out of pull ups at night for almost 1 month with 2 accidents. Pretty good. I am thankful not to have to buy her pull ups anymore. Mia even got the left over case to go with her at school and they prefer them. So that means either I just buy pulls ups and use "rubber pants" over them at night or also buy diapers. We use nature babycare diapers size 6 or their pull ups, I asked them to consider making bigger diapers for special need kids and adults. I hope they do I worry often that someday I won't have any other option but to buy traditional pull ups.

We also have tons of "baby" toys in the house. I have to go through and donate to Mia's school and try to sell at Once upon a child. Needing income to pay bills always makes me feel like a crack head. If I get $100 for this stuff I can then pay off that bill.

I miss them being 5lbs and tiny but it makes me so proud to see what I created. I made them, sure their father helped but I molded them into what they are today. I am a full time mom with over time, he just volunteered. I couldn't imagine not spending every day with them. I hope to have many many many more years like these.


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