Thursday, September 1, 2011

Potty training and new school year

I dream of the day that I can end potty training. It took Chloe longer then most and with Mia I am still at it. She enjoys sitting on the potty (and at times going on it) and now she likes to take off her diaper and dump everything in to the potty (making a huge mess). So she understands that is where it goes and I know she knows she has to go. (she likes to hide in her room) So I have now put locks on all the doors so she can't hide. I am hoping this will have her ask me for the potty and go on the potty. We will see.
I am still waiting for our medicaid diapers. I have broken down and signed us up. I can't keep buying the diapers I prefer for her. Hopefully this doesn't end in some crazy chemical burn on her butt.

They started school this week, which is always challenging. Getting back to our normal schedule will be lovely. I can start going to the gym again and getting some mommy time.
I have yet to meet Mia's new teacher which is weird. You give your child over to a stranger and in her case a whole group of strangers. I also hoping when it comes time for the parent teacher conference I am able to attend.
Chloe is super excited this year, because she gets to be a lunch buyer once a week. We are now getting food stamps which allows her to get free lunch at school. But since it isn't the best food (at least for ASD kids, who are sensitive to foods that aren't organic etc) I am allowing her pizza day. I mean what kid didn't enjoy pizza day? I did tell her to gift her milk to someone that wants it. The less hormones the better. This is a huge step for me. Allowing her a little bit of normal.


I then went back and looked at Chloe's first day picture last year. My goodness she has grown and you can't tell but also wearing the same socks. Which she HAD to wear this year but I didn't notice until afterwards that they are the same.

I know all parents go through the oh my it was only yesterday I was holding them in the hospital. But seriously this needs to slow down a little. I really hope for a better year then last for their school. We hit a lot of bumps but hopefully not as many this year.

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