Thursday, December 15, 2011

So many things...

Have happened since I last updated back in September.

Mia has learned how to escape from her car seat and many other door locks in the house. (will list all my findings in hopes to help someone). Been an emotional basket case. Not really sure why, but I believe the stress has just gotten to me. Been super busy at work. Haven't found a pleasant happy area to deal with Chloe and all her issues. Basically ignoring severe pain I have in my foot because I know what it is and it would take a few days of no walking and a month of no driving for it to heal....and I don't have that luxury.

Mia and her ability to escape all car seats and seat belt locks. First off we have a britax marathon which is a lovely car seat but it wasn't going to last her much longer and she learned how to undo the harness (the clip and the buckle). Now for you parents that have a child in a five point harness car seat and they haven't learned how to work the buckle yet and you can't afford to go a different route the best solution is the graco chest clip.Graco Clip It is a little harder for those of our kids that don't have a good pincher grip.

After it was determined she wasn't able to be in a five point harness I got a Britax Parkway with the clip that clips to the lap belt. Well she is able to unhook the seat belt so I got this many of the different seat belt locks. She was able get out of them all but this one

But after a week she learned how to get out of the seat belt without unlocking it and still have the lap belt crotch attachment attached. So after all of this I found the EZ-on vest 103z (adjustable vest with back zipper) for family vehicle with tether attachment. I had to change my girls seats around because only 2 seats in my mini van had the tether. Behind the driver and the middle in the third row. Chloe wasn't happy that she had to change on the spectrum become attached to silly things but this was huge for her. We tested it on a trip to Sesame Place and it worked. I still find it hard to get her into it...she squirms. I also keep having nightmares that it isn't as safe as I think it is. It seems like she would get a horrible case of whiplash but I also attach the seat belt through it to keep her locked down. It was a lot of money to get to this point but my suggestions after the five point harness isn't working (believe me I zip tied her into that harness and she still got out...pant less but she was out) get a booster that is latch attached (just so it doesn't fly around your car) get the seat belt cover from especialneeds (either directly or through amazon) then get the EZ on vest. This was you won't have to be in a rush and have to get the vest overnighted and pay twice as much for it. Plus you wouldn't have spent all the other money on covers etc. Although granted every kids is different and also all car models are different. I have a Nissan Quest 2006. 

Now during this and after this as well she was getting into everything at the house. I have all the doors locked with the little hook latch and door knob covers.  My friends get locked into my house and unable to go to the bathroom. I have found some great products on being the monkey tail. If you have normal molding in your house that isn't flush with the door...this is a fantastic product. I am also installing pin locks for the sliding glass door (mine are installed backwards so I am unable to use most locks).
It is hard to stay ahead of your autistic child. They are determined to figure it out. I wish she would put this much effort into potty training.
I have been having a lot of fears of being alone. Not just with dating with friends. I have been feeling lonely and unattached from everyone. If we are home for a school break I can go for days without talking to another person. I know this goes both ways but after numerous times of me attempting to outreach to people I feel rejected and unwanted. I could go out more now but I really don't have anywhere to go. I know I could go to a store and just get me time but it just reminds me that no one really cares. Not having a best friend to talk to that understands me and one that would know how close I am to just falling flat on my face is hard. I don't have a spouse and their father is going into his 4th rehab of the year. I try to look strong and I try to just ignore my personal feelings but some days I just can't. I should be better soon...I am sure I will be. I don't really allow it to get to me to much because then I can't be a good mom but I just get so caught up I forget...I am still a human and I can't always do everything on my own.

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