Thursday, July 21, 2011

an infant trapped in a 6 year olds body.

With the girls birthday coming up I have been shopping of course for presents. Chloe is very demanding for presents basically she wants everything. I have a list a mile long for her. I told her max would be 4 presents from me. So I hope that I don't see a tantrum. With Mia....she never asks for anything for birthdays or holidays. It is what I pick out. She loves Elmo to death (as do most autistic kids, I assume it is the bright red fur) So we are still stuck in baby toy central. I never know what to get her because she has everything in her age range of interest. She mouths everything so I keep with the under 3 y/o toys because of that.

It isn't just the toys it is her speech of course is babbling with some words thrown in there. Plus she squeals and hoots just like a baby would do. Plus she wears diapers and I have to carry a diaper bag still with us. I catch myself baby talking to her all the time. Playing peek a boo. It is like she is stuck in this forever infantile stage. People always assume she is younger, even though she is the taller twin. They get amazed that they are twins.

I can't change this, it is beyond my control, but it was something I was thinking while I was driving and cooing at her. I should treat her more like a 6 year old child then a 1 year old baby is hard. I notice I do limit her with her abilities so I have to let go of my tether a little.

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